How to be a prosocial leader:

  • be informed about and engaged with the world, alert and alive to its problems
  • make it a better place through empathy, compassion and action
  • have the self-awareness, belief and creativity, authentically to engage and galvanise yourself and others to make it better
  • live a life that is truly aligned with authentic values 
  • understand, accept and prise who you are and who you can fully be and the contribution you can make
  • are filled with drive, love and acceptance of others
  • work for the greater good
  • put people before profit
  • lead ethically and compassionately
  • are reflective and energetically intelligent: cognitively, emotionally, physically, spiritually and creatively
  • can be fully present in any moment: equally those of joy, celebration, success, as those of sadness, loss or failure
  • be sustainable, using your own and the world’s resources wisely and with compassionate, tender loving care

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