Case studies



Whilst we can all be Useful and Kind here are some stories from those who have already started on their prosocial leadership journeys. We will keep adding more. 


Here is the inspirational Care Ross who speaks, from experience, of a new kind of Anarchy based effectively on the guiding principles of being #UsefulandKind.


Here is Dr Ben Dix of PositiveNegatives an amazing organisation which produces art that explores complex subjects including conflict, migration and asylum.


Here is the story of the way in which Laura Darrall used her own mental health issues to make it better for others. She created the inspirational #itaffectsme campaign.


Here is the story of the way in which Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE created Chineke! 

The power of being Useful and Kind and the benefits to yourself and others is shown in the now well known money giving experiment.


Zimbardo is the world famous psychologist of the Stanford experiment who has spent much of his life researching some of the worst of us. He has now created a wonderful project the Heroic Imagination Project.