Our vision is for a world characterised by care, compassion, creativity, empathy, equality, excellence, fairness, kindness and love.

We believe this world can be created by people who are ‘useful and kind’ working to solve the global problems in a human, sustainable and mindful way.


We can all make the world better by being useful and kind.We will support, sustain, nurture, challenge and develop pro-social leaders and leadership


  • make a positive difference in the world by modelling prosocial leadership
  • be useful and kind
  • develop pro-social leadership: awareness, ideas, research, debate and practice which can lead to a better, fairer more sustainable future
  • support, sustain, nurture, challenge and develop a global network of prosocial leaders 
  • create useful and kind individuals, teams, organisations, schools and communities 
  • work in collaboration and partnership with others
  • be a value-led, effective, efficient, caring and sustainable provider