The world needs people to be useful and kind now more than ever. Our vision is for a world characterised by care, compassion, creativity, empathy, equality, excellence, fairness, kindness and love.

We believe this world can be created by people who are ‘useful and kind’ working to solve the global problems in a human, positive, sustainable and mindful way.

We are passionate about developing and supporting prosocial leaders who lead, live and act for the welfare and wellbeing of others and the world.

That’s you.



What helps you to be Useful and Kind in School.


U&K has just launched in partnership with North Tyneside Education Trust a research project to find the best way to develop prosocial behaviour in schools.

Here are this week's winners of a U&K awards at Monkhouse school


The #useful&kind SOW model


Here's how to be Useful&Kind.

The SOW model: 

Self - How can you be useful&kind to yourself? Develop your health and wellbeing: physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, psychologically and creatively. 

Others - How can you be useful&kind to others?

•    those that you love and love you

•    those that are sometimes harder to be usefulandkind to  (and this is where real personal and societal change can come)

•    groups - that group of friends, or team you are in

World - How can you be useful&kind to the world? Economically, socially, politically, environmentally.

We will be helping you throughout the year to share ideas for ways in which we can help ourselves, others and the world to be more useful and kind.

Doing all of this can feel overwhelming like a New Year's resolution. We know from psychology that it takes 25 days of practice to change a habit. So start simple and use the idea of Sowing, before Flourishing and eventually Flowering.

We are working on a whole range of projects and campaigns and would love to hear from you about your ideas and actions too.

Some of the things we are involved in this year:

•   a research project to develop #usefulandkind behaviour in schools

•   a summer school for 16 year olds who see themselves as leaders of this prosocial behaviour

•   supporting place-baced #usefulandkindleadership

•   working with individuals, teams and organisations to develop their #usefulandkindleadership

I have been touched, moved and inspired by meeting wonderful people over the last year all of whom are living their lives to make it better for others. Here's a tiny selection:

•    the group of social entrepreneurs recycling food in imaginative and sustainable ways in the North East

•    the wonderful Network of Wellbeing, bringing together a very wide range of practitioners, policy makers and agents of change

•    the inspirational Kathryn Trebeck from Oxfam

•    the great team at Action for Happiness - huge congrats on the 2 million downloads of the kindness calendar

But there are so many more. You are someone who tries to make the world better and all of us involved at #usefulandkind wish you great success and fulfilment in 2018. 

Thank you so much.



Annie Kenney and Christabel Pankhurst, Bess Mayhew, Barack Obama, Laura Darrall, You, Frederick Douglass, Elizur Wright, Arunachalam Muruganantham, Peter Tatchell, Muhammed Yunus, Henry Dunant, Tony Juniper, Rosa Parkes, Iqbal Wahhab.