U&K International Leaders

We are working with a number of international partners to create an exciting development project for up to 30 under 30 years old pro-social leaders.

The programme aims to

  • support, sustain, nurture, challenge and develop a global network of young prosocial leaders

  • select and work with up to thirty international young (under 30) prosocial leaders annually

  • train, support, develop and mentor them

  • develop the ideas and practice of prosocial leadership

  • model practical outcomes from being Useful and Kind

  • develop pro-social leadership: awareness, ideas, research, debate and practice which can lead to a better, fairer more sustainable future

  • work in collaboration and partnership with others

  • be a value-led, effective, efficient, caring and sustainable partner

  • stimulate a cross-sector collaborative learning culture


  • run an international development programme combining, training, coaching, mentoring, peer-mentoring, research, residential and practical work

  • work across private, public, third and social enterprise sectors

  • align the work to leadership in four key areas (SDGs) of: health, education, inequality and poverty eradication

  • engage participants in practical prosocial leadership projects and develop their existing work

  • provide high quality support services to pro-social leaders

  • inform our offer with leading-edge research in collaboration with others

  • to develop existing and potential prosocialleaders in reflective, mindful, value-led, sustainable, psychologically informed and intelligent leadership

  • help young prosocial leaders develop the skills and behaviours needed to help them achieve a better world (leadership, communication, campaigning, finance.)

The project will research ways in which to support and develop prosocial leadership in all walks of life.

The project will draw on:

  • ideas from an international network of prosocial leaders

  • leadership theory and development

  • existing and new research

  • the work, research and practice, of the Mindful Leadership Foundation

  • prosocial behaviour

  • social psychology

  • therapeutic approaches

  • mindful leadership

  • behavioural psychology

Each participant will have already demonstrated prosocial leadership by having created, or worked with others in one or more of the following fields: 

  • health

  • education

  • inequality

  • poverty eradication.

Participants may we working in the public, third, private or social enterprise or be in the process of deciding which sector can best help gain traction for prosocial ideas in making a difference in the world.

Participants must be able to demonstrate:

  • how their work and practice aims to model prosocial leadership

  • how participation in this programme will help develop their prosocial leadership

  • a practical leadership project that they are involved in or will develop as part of the programme

  • how they will measure involvement in the programme and its impact on their leadership, those they lead and specific measurable outcomes on the beneficiaries/partners of their work


  • under 30

  • working on or moving into any of the four initial areas of focus

  • enthusiasm for learning about self and prosocial leadership

  • passionate to make a difference in the world

  • willingness to share learning

  • modelling prosocial leadership (see model)

  • able to fundraise for participation in the programme as part of learning

  • willingness to be involved in future programmes, research and projects

Learning and benefits

  • greater self-awareness and leadership effectiveness

  • tool kit for personal and leadership development

  • access to senior leaders within the field

  • latest thinking on leadership development

  • international network of like-minded prosocial leaders

  • inspirational speakers

  • world-class faculty of coaches and mentors

  • research and case studies

  • communication, fundraising, campaigning

  • on-line toolkits and case studies

  • related U&K events and projects

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