U&K Communities

U&K will be developing work with communities to find, support, train, coach, develop and mentor prosocial leaders. Those working to be Useful and Kind to themselves, to others, to groups and to the world.

We are working in Liverpool and the North East with a range of partners from housing, social care, education and the private sector.

These hubs will work to support prosocial leadership in the community. Those people who are striving to make things better who want to develop their skills, to network and to be encouraged to make the difference only they can.

The hubs will also support the young people who attend the Pioneer Summer School programme for Year 11s to develop their ideas into practical projects.

The Mindful Leadership Foundation, our founding partner, has been working with leaders in the housing sector for over 15 years. We are currently working to produce some ideas for what a Useful and Kind community might look like.

There has been much interest recently in kinder communities from the Rowntree Foundation and the Carnegie report. We aim to help those community leaders working to make their communities better through being Useful and Kind.

In these difficult times of ever diminishing resources how can we still be useful and kind? What does it look like in a service? What training is needed for those on the front line? What does Useful and Kind leadership and management look like. If you have ideas or want to be involved please join us.

Latest news - calling all leaders in the North East

Working with a number of partners in the North East we have launched a brief survey to identify leaders and find ways to support them. Please take 5' to complete it. http://bit.ly/2xmaMIO



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