U&K Summer School

Here’s what they said…

The experience was truly amazing and beneficial to enhancing leadership and people skills

This really helped me to progress as a leader and it allowed me to consider that I have a great opportunity to make a positive influence by leading in any future career.

The content was fantastic especially for the incredible way it worked and helped so many young (and older) people involved.

All the mentors were fantastic bringing a variety of gifts to the group

The speakers were amazing and the content was brilliant and I would love to be that influential when I am older.

It was wonderful and led with so much love and gentleness, which I think took quite a few of the people a while to get used to being treated with such high regard.

It was truly amazing - it gave us everything you have and more.

It has given me incredible friends I will keep for life.

Summer Schools

We have now run two highly successful summer schools for 16 year old pro-social leaders.

A U&K leader is someone who leads, lives and acts for the welfare of others and the world.

This is a chance to be a pioneer, a leader, someone who can change the world.

There will be two summer schools in 2020 and you will be able to apply in December 2019.


You will have already shown useful and kind behaviour to others in school and community activities. We are looking for people who have wanted to do something to help others and got on and done it.

You are keen to make a difference in the world and want to find more effective ways to do that.

How you will benefit:

  • change the world

  • learn who you are as a leader

  • get a tool kit for personal and leadership development

  • gain access to mentors within the field

  • learn the latest thinking on leadership development

  • be with a faculty of coaches and mentors

  • communicate, fundraise, campaign

  • undertake a large live team project - creating a community meal

Who you are….

  • 16 years old

  • passionate to make a difference in the world

  • ready to get your hands dirty with a real-time project (on the summer school and afterwards)

  • thinking of a career which will make the world better

  • enthusiastic to learn about yourself and useful & kind leadership

  • keen to share your learning with others

  • able to fundraise for participation in the programme as part of your learning

  • willingness to be involved in future programmes, research and projects

What does it involve:

  • 5 day residential

  • planning and running an exciting practical prosocial project

  • work with experienced mentors from the prosocial sector

  • talks from leaders in this field

  • starting to make the difference you want to in the world

  • giving back to your community and being supported to do so


Including accommodation, resources, materials, content £300. (These costs are subsidised and some participants will be subsidised by their schools or other partners) (£50 to members of XRYouth or SchoolsStrikeforClimate)

Are you 16 and want to change the world?

Join us at a Useful & Kind Summer School in Easter 2020 in Scotland

Application Form

You must show:

  • how attending will help to develop your useful and kind behaviour and leadership and your future work

  • an enthusiasm for hands on work in the community

  • how you can learn from others

  • how you will measure the benefits of joining us

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