Bedford Fellowship


Duncan is leading a workshop in October for the Bedford Fellowship, a group of senior and visionary educationalists on how we can develop #useful and kind as a way of being and doing in schools as we test the feasibility of launching a #u&k Mark for schools in 2019

Flourish Wellbeing Festival

Duncan has been invited to lead a workshop at the Flourish Wellbeing Festival on 11th November.


This year we have had some real prosocial usefulandkind  leaders sharing ideas, lives and projects.

One participant recently said 'I rarely get the opportunity to stop and reflect about how to make the world better with like-minded people - thank you'

We have heard from Laura Darrall (founder of It Affects Me, Chi-Chi Nwanoku (founder of Chineke) and Peter Tatchell the lifetime campaigner.

Here are some tips from these seminars:

Start here....

1  Tell those whom you love that you do - today listen to people who know more than you
2   Decide what you can do in your personal life to model being #usefulandkind
3    Write to thank the people who have helped you
4    Send a small note or gift to someone you disagree with who has helped you to think in a different way
5    Don't be overwhelmed by how much there is to do try one of the following:

  • read a book or give one away

  • join Amnesty's letter writing campaign

  • sign up to something you are passionate about

  • stop and listen

  • enjoy the natural world - do what you can to preserve it

Our networking seminars are a great way to meet others who are trying to make the world a better place. Learn form them and get support and encouragement.

We will be planning more - tell us what you would like.

Come and join us

  • network

  • support prosocial leaders

  • stimulate debate

  • share best practice

  • develop the ideas and practice of prosocial leadership

  • inspire through speakers and case studies

  • explore historical pro-social leadership to gain inspiration and hope

  • be inspirational and practical

  • provide reflection, stimulus & energy

  • safe reflective space to explore what it’s like being a pro-social leader, being useful and kind in a world that needs it

  • where people can speak of and share their journeys

  • the personal cost and how you support yourself and each other



Donate, time, resource

Be useful and Kind.

Join us at a seminar, volunteer, use our tools.

Start with a friend. Contact us to join the community